3 Mistakes to avoid in your newsletter

3 Mistakes to avoid in your newsletter

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3 Mistakes to avoid in your newsletter

3 Mistakes to avoid in your newsletter. A good list of subscribers is essential to be able to carry out effective email campaigns. However, sometimes we overlook the importance of getting the visitor to our website or blog to provide us with their e-mail and to subscribe, to open the email that is sent, or to encourage a simple visit to become on client.

Despite its detractors, a Newsletter is a tool that continues to be very successful, but let’s look at 3 mistakes you should avoid in your email marketing to help build your subscriber list and create email marketing campaigns that work.

Mistake 1: Offer nothing in return

The first mistake is to pretend that the user provides us with their contact information just like that, without offering them any reason to do so. People, in general, are saturated with advertising messages, and they prefer not to give their data, unless it makes some sense to do so.

How to give reasons to register?

Offering you the download of a manual or e-book, subscription to a newsletter of the sector that may be of interest to you, obtain a demo of any of our products, or even participate in some type of contest if you register.

If we do not have subscribers for an email marketing campaign, we have nothing, so the first step should be to think about how we will reach our audience.

Mistake 2: Not creating an attractive subject line

50% of the chances that an email will be open is based on the wording of the subject line, and despite this, there are still many companies that hardly give it the attention it deserves.

Phrases that do not attract, choppy because they are excessively long, too aggressive, with spelling mistakes, and even blank, are a lost opportunity, which makes it easy for our email to be ignored in the tidal wave of the inbox, or directly eliminated by the receiver.

Mistake 3: Not optimizing the landing page where the user lands

If we have managed to get the visitor to leave us their data, design and send an attractive message, that the subject line attracts them enough to open it, and that any of the elements of the e-mail arouses their interest to encourage them to click on one of its elements, it is a shame that the landing page where you are directed is not optimized to ensure that this process culminates successfully.

We have many programs to create our own emailing through templates and intuitive designs that facilitate very professional creations with hardly any design knowledge, such as Mailer Lite.
But in addition to emailing itself, we have to pay attention to the design of the landing page where they lead.

Adequate content layout, a professional and attractive design, effective writing, correct viewing from different browsers and devices, elements that provide credibility (testimonials, guarantee certificates, acknowledgments …), and call-to-action buttons (call to action). ) well visible, are the main elements that an optimized landing page must gather, and that sometimes are not fulfilled, wasting the previous effort made to get the client to get there.

Broadly speaking, we could say that these are the 3 most “bulky” mistakes when managing email marketing campaigns.

Of course there are many other factors to take into account for effective mailing, as we have discussed in other posts (see, for example: Email marketing: the importance of your own distribution lists, or Permission e-mail marketing: how to manage your campaigns ).

We recommend that you do a self-analysis exercise, and ask yourself if in your email marketing strategy you are making any of these major mistakes, in order to correct them as soon as possible.

Are you optimizing email for your goals, or are you wasting opportunities?

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