5 Reasons why your email marketing is not working


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5 Reasons why your email marketing is not working

Many website owners complain about the low success rate of their email marketing campaigns.

Today we are going to point out the main 5 reasons why your email marketing does not work, so that you are clear about what basic aspects you should optimise if you want to make the most of this powerful tool.

Reason 1: They cannot read you from your mobile

Email open rates from mobile devices are on the rise. This means a greater probability that your emails and newsletter will not be read if their format is not compatible with the device in question. Remember that most people do not have time to be trying to decode a message that is not displayed correctly, so if it is not seen, it is deleted.

Our advice: Make sure you use a responsive design that adapts to any device.

Reason 2: You try to sell “the bike” in all your messages

Yes, we already know that what you want is to sell (like everyone else). But you can’t expect your mere desire to promote yourself to appeal to all of your customers.

The key, as we always say, is to provide your audiences with relevant content, information related to your sector that is useful to them.

If you are able to generate good content marketing, you will significantly improve your reputation and positioning, you will be more valued and you will probably end up selling, although in a more subtle way.

Our advice: Always combine promotion with information to arouse the interest of your recipients.

Reason 3: You send too often

It’s okay to maintain a customer loyalty strategy through regular emails to promote brand recall. But this does not mean that you can bombard your databases several times a week, since in this case the effect will be the opposite.

There is nothing worse than being annoying, so remember that when in doubt, less is more.

Our advice: For most companies, a weekly or even biweekly email should suffice.

Reason 4: You do not make it clear who you are

With the huge amount of emails that are received every day, it is common for it to be filtered instead of opening all of them one by one. For this reason, it is essential to take maximum care of the sender line and the wording of the subject, since it depends on them whether your message is opened or deleted.

Our advice: In general, what works best is if the sender field includes a personal name, or one of its variants, such as “Person – Company” or “Person – Title”. In this way, you help the recipient to identify you and see that the origin of the message is trustworthy.

Reason 5: You promise things you cannot keep

Do you think the best way to attract customers is to attract their attention with exaggerated promotions that then have small print? Absolutely. In fact, disappointing a customer is the fastest way to lose them, so don’t overdo it or promise things that you won’t be able to deliver.

Our advice: Beware of overly aggressive messages, make sure you meet the expectations you generate.

Do you take care of these 5 aspects in your email marketing strategy? How do you think you could optimize them?

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