Design of Newsletters that hook your audience

Design of Newsletters that hook your audience

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As consumers, we are fed up with receiving newsletters that we are not interested in, that one day we subscribe to without knowing why, or that we do not even explain to ourselves how they obtained our data. However, as a company it sometimes seems that we forget, and we start sending mailings without really asking ourselves if what we are doing is useful or we are wasting efforts.

Designing a newsletter, providing it with content and sending it involves considerable work that we should not take so lightly, and that is why today we want to help you achieve a good design of Newsletters that will hook your audience.

3 big mistakes in creating newsletters

On occasions, we have talked about the importance and advantages of newsletters as a great online marketing tool. Sending these types of communications to our database helps us, on the one hand, to close sales with potential customers and prospects, and on the other to retain current customers and carry out regular follow-up by sending our “reminders”.

If we are aware of what the use of this tool can support us, why not do it professionally and leave it to chance?

Let’s see 3 of the most serious mistakes in the creation of newsletters that we must avoid at all costs: 

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1. Poor or non-segmented content

When we do not know well who our recipients are, we often fall into sending information that is irrelevant to them. There is nothing worse than boring, repetitive content that does not contribute anything to the receiver.

To do this, one of the first steps would be to try to know who our audiences are, and as far as possible segment them into groups to try to adapt our messages as best as possible.

Another issue to take into account is the indiscriminate sending of commercial information. Obviously we are interested in them buying from us, and knowing our offers, but if we do not offer the information in a more measured way, completed with other interesting content that entertains or informs, we will probably be annoying to them like all companies that are dedicated to sending commercial emails. simply with offers.

The aim is to make sure that our newsletter is eagerly awaited, not eliminated instantly because it is exactly the same as the ones sent by all our competitors. 

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2. Bad Design

An also fundamental aspect of an effective newsletter is the design and a good web layout, which helps us present the content in the most attractive way possible.

On the one hand, it is important to maintain a graphic coherence in all our pieces that identifies us. The use of our colors, typography, following our style and tone of communication, an impeccable and understandable writing, good images and appropriate texts that can be expanded with links to extra content.

On the other hand, that our publication is legible correctly, and we are not only talking about the purely aesthetic aspect, nor the balance between image and text; we mean further by making sure it is displayed

3. Sparse or outdated database

Of course, a well-designed newsletter with quality content would be worthless if we didn’t have someone to send it to. It is essential that we work on our database, that we try to expand it and keep it updated.

To achieve subscribers to our newsletter, we must invite our users to do so by all the means at our disposal, from a form on our website, fill out a coupon in our physical store, a tab in our social networks, or a button in our signature from e-mails, for example.

Regarding who we can include in our distribution lists and where and how we can manage our databases, we refer you to the post E-mail marketing: the importance of our own distribution lists, where we already dealt with these issues.

Remember that it is important to offer a reason for the user to be interested in subscribing, whether it be sending exclusive promotions, downloading content, etc.

In addition, we should take advantage of possible virality by including buttons such as “Send to a friend” or “Share on Social Networks”.

Are you taking care of these 3 aspects in your design and sending of newsletters? Do you think you could optimize them to improve your results? 

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We see a lot of need for assistance and requests for resources and services related to Newsletters, therefore we are happy to work with you and to offer you our help in this area.

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