Email Marketing, what nobody wanted to tell you until today

Email Marketing, what nobody wanted to tell you until today

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Email Marketing, what nobody wanted to tell you until today

If we were to conduct a quick survey among a group of people to draw quick conclusions about what people think about Email Marketing, it is possible that most of the people would tell you that they hate everything related to commercial emails. But it is also true that the first thing that any of us do every day when we get to the office or when we get home is turn on the computer and check our inbox. At this point we have detected a problem and located an opportunity to take advantage of.

Only 5% of the emails received will catch our attention

In an effort to leave our inbox to zero, we carry out a quick cleaning every day to keep what may be of interest among the tangle of received emails. Whenever we make this gesture, only 5% of the emails received will capture your attention. Of which, some emails will be related to the daily work of the company and a minimum of them will be commercial emails with really interesting offers that you will give an opportunity to continue in your inbox to reread later. A 20% discount on technology for this weekend? sounds interesting if you’re just putting off Christmas presents. Clothes from the best brands at 50%? 2 × 1 on weekend getaways? Etc. the possibilities are multiple depending on the sector.

Offers and discounts are the most effective strategies in Email Marketing. These make the recipient clearly see a real savings in their shopping cart and move them to make the purchase at a specific time if they want to take advantage of that discount. An email where we offer promotions of any kind and where we want to move the recipient to action must be clear and direct and include a certain urgency to the message.

These types of messages are usually seasonal, that is, they take place on a prominent date such as Christmas or Valentine’s Day where the user plans to spend money and in a period where they tend to feel attracted to everything that is to save money. Taking advantage of these dates to launch specific promotions and push the purchase is an opportunity that we cannot miss in our Email Marketing campaigns. If we know what our client is interested in, why do we keep sending emails that go directly to the recipient’s trash?

Combine Email Marketing with Social Media and Content Marketing

Using Email Marketing in combination with other techniques such as Social Media or Content Marketing will ensure an ideal coverage for the recognition of your brand, the loyalty of your current clients, and an increase in sales opportunities (lead generation). Renewing the content that is shared via emailing, messages and including offers and discounts is mandatory so as not to bore our mailing list.

To increase the effectiveness of each message sent in an Email Marketing campaign, we must not ignore the segmentation of our distribution list. Having your own database, whose members have given their permission (Permission Email Marketing) to receive information about our company (a clear advantage that shows that they already know us and that at some point they were interested in our products or services) will increase the chances of success of any campaign.

You are doing something wrong in your campaigns

Sorry, life is hard and cold things feel bad but someone had to tell you. Your Email Marketing strategy must evolve over time and according to the results you obtain in each campaign, the effectiveness of the messages and the reaction of your contacts. If your open rate is less than 10%, you are doing something wrong. Be very, very clear every time you plan a campaign! What will help you improve your open rate?

1- Perform tests, experiment and check the effectiveness of your emails by sending them at different times, days and with different designs.

2- Customize the messages. If you have the name of your recipient, include it in the body of the text and in the subject of the email. It is proven that the opening rate is higher in emails that bear the recipient’s name and geographic location.

3- Another feature that increases the opening rate is the signature of the emails by the company. Giving your emails a personal touch will increase the impact of your campaigns.

Remember that email is a nurturing tool that will help you convert quality leads into clients of your company if you know how to direct this process with knowledge.

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