Ideas to segment an email marketing campaign

segment an email marketing campaign

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Ideas to segment an email marketing campaign. 5 ideas

Ideas to segment an email marketing campaign

One of the keys in email marketing is undoubtedly the segmentation of your communications since it’ll help us improve the rates of openness, entry traffic and conversions.

Mass mailings to all or any customers or subscribers, for instance , to shop for a product or service from you’re not profitable. Therefore it’ll be better to optimize campaigns and offer better experiences.

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In this article we will explain several ways that you can use to segment and improve the results of an email marketing campaign and thus In this article we’ll explain several ways in which you’ll use to segment and improve the results of an email marketing campaign and thus create a loyalty relationship together with your client.

1) Subscription source

This is an honest option if you employ different subscription forms whether or not they are a blog, a webinar or the other channel since you’ll not got to mix them. you’ll be ready to filter and find the subscribers that are added to your list from a selected subscription source and make a special group for every channel in order that you’ll then send them a selected campaign to suit their needs.

2) Geolocation

If you’ve got a subscriber’s location information, there are many beneficial ways to use it. for instance , you’ll send campaigns with specific content to the stores that your subscriber usually visits and thus capture their attention or divide your subscribers by language and thus launch campaigns in their own language.

3) Activity in campaigns

The main criteria for campaign activity is what percentage opened and the way many clicked on the links. The new filter of this tool is “Inactive time”, simply enter the amount of days that a subscriber has passed without opening or clicking an email and it’ll find all the inactive subscribers. during this way you’ll reconnect with them through another campaign and thus keep the standard of your list up so far . you’ll also create a replacement group with subscribers who, for instance , are active and did click.

4) Purchase history

Another of the foremost valuable ways to segment your campaigns is predicated on the acquisition history of your subscribers.
Your loyal customers should receive different promotional emails than those that just signed up.
You can use this information to work out their interests and send them far more personalized content. for instance , you’ll create a “Welcome Email” for brand spanking new subscribers that contains multiple link buttons and make Automation of the trading process supported which button they clicked.
You can also automatically assign a selected value to those that have clicked or to not inform your targeting.

5) Combination of several segments

Do not forget that you can combine multiple segments with the Subscriber Management Tool.
For example, assuming you already have the information, you can find subscribers from a specific region who are interested in a specific product and who have spent more than 100 euros but who have been inactive for the last three months.


Segmentation isn’t only an honest thanks to increase your levels of campaign opening rates but how to point out your subscribers that you simply care and believe them just by sending them content which will interest them.
The more they feel that content is fair to them, the stronger the bond of loyalty will become together with your company and your customers.

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