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Mailchimp, The free tool to send e-mailing in your SME

As we have pointed out in previous posts dedicated to e-mail marketing (we recommend Creating your own mailing list – Email Marketing, or MailerLite: email marketing within reach), e-mail marketing has played a very important role in the marketing strategies of many companies, especially SMEs. The main problem that SMEs generally encounter when considering an e-mailing campaign is ignorance of how to carry it out, usually coupled with a lack of budget. Although the ideal option is to use a company that offers the service of creating and sending marketing campaigns by email, if you have certain knowledge and you dare to try it yourself, we will show you Mailchimp, the free tool to send e- mailing in your SME.

Email is an inexpensive and efficient way to contact your customers. As our customer database grows, it is necessary to have an automated management that allows us to make large shipments and personalize them, saving time and effort. Mailchimp is one of the best free tools that we can currently find available to those entrepreneurs who want to create and manage their own campaigns.

Mailchimp features

1. Distribution list management

Mailchimp allows you to enter data from your contacts, export distribution lists, and segment them according to your needs. It is one of the leading tools for sending and tracking our subscribers.

2. Design of the shipping templates

he program facilitates a very simple creation of template designs for mailing, also giving the possibility of personalized creation from scratch for those who know the html code.

3. Measurement of results

The application provides data for opening and reading our e-mails, forwarding rates, which links have been clicked, statistical information such as graphs and reports that provide us with valuable information on the degree of interest in our communications. This will help us to make strategic decisions based on their effectiveness or not.

4. Versions for other supports

Nowadays it is essential to offer accessible versions from mobile devices, smartphones, iPads, etc. Mailchimp incorporates compatible designs that allow a correct display of messages from the variety of media currently used.

5. Integration with social networks

Our email database is synchronized with the information linked to these email accounts on social networks such as Twitter or Facebook. In addition, buttons are included that allow sharing if the campaign is desired on those networks.

Advantages of Mailchimp


Under a freemium model, the program allows, free of charge, to make up to 12,000 monthly shipments, and have up to 2,000 subscribers.In addition to the interesting features mentioned, Mailchimp has a series of advantages:

In the cloud;

Being a cloud computing program, we can access it and all the information stored from any device with internet access.


It is a very intuitive program, which can be managed and monitor results even with limited knowledge of online marketing and computers.

Learning autonomy;

On the web there are numerous tutorials and user guides that explain the step-by-step operation of the program for self-learning.

With patience and a desire to learn, thanks to applications like Mailchimp we can design and manage our own email marketing campaigns. However, if we want a 100% professional result or expert advice, we can consult with companies in the sector that, depending on our volume, will be able to adjust their budgets to our possibilities.

Let’s not forget that if we are able to launch a good e-mail marketing campaign, we will be opening an excellent way to attract relevant visits to our website, and favoring the increase in our sales.

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EXPERT TIP: Use Mailerlite for free !! (Sign up & send up to 12,000 emails per month. FREE, forever!)

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