Make love not spam!

make love not spam

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Make love not spam!

Every day is Valentine’s Day, the consulting firm Hubspot launched the other day its campaign “Make love, not spam”, an interesting initiative to make marketers aware of the need to fight against the sending of unwanted email marketing.

A good email marketing strategy involves maintaining the customer database, and monitoring the results of each shipment to help us make decisions.

If we simply launch our messages without worrying about the results we obtain, we will be wasting the opportunity to optimize our shipments. Let’s look at some data extracted from the report that reflects this need.

The numbers of spam in email marketing

The published spam statistics speak for themselves:

  • Calculated physically, each adult receives an average of 20 kilos of spam per year.
  • Spam costs US consumers and businesses around $ 20 billion.
  • 70% of “this is spam” complaints correspond to commercial emails.
  • Of the emails sent in the third quarter of 2012, 73% were considered spam.
  • 43% of the surveyed population affirms that more than half of the emails they receive are commercial communications.
  • Every day 87 million spam e-mails are sent by e-mail.

These data should make us reflect on the low effectiveness of non-optimized email marketing campaigns, because what is the use of sending messages to people to whom we do not add value and who do not want to receive them?

Spam on Social Networks

As expected, social networks do not escape indiscriminate messages either:

  • 8% of social media posts are spam
  • 40% of the accounts created in social networks are producers of spam
  • About 3.5 billion tweets are posted daily on Twitter that can be considered spam

Unwanted messages, whether through email or social networks, are never well received by the user and, in addition to being ineffective, they do not benefit the brand image in any way.

Despite this, it is surprising to see that only 20% of companies monitor campaign delivery results to assess performance.

If you have not convinced yourself of how ineffective and counterproductive it can be if you do not purify your subscriber list, perhaps this funny video will finish convincing you: Make love, not spam.

Don’t you also think that the money you waste on spam could be better spent, for example, on ice cream?

Make love not spam

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