How and why to measure the effectiveness of email marketing?

measure the effectiveness of email marketing

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If you have launched into emailing campaigns, you will have previously worked on the preparation of your recipient list, the writing and layout of your message, and even the design of the landing page where the subscribers who click on your message will “land”. But, once the sending is done, how and why to measure the effectiveness of email marketing?

Main indicators of the effectiveness of email marketing

There are a series of metrics that show us the reception of our emailing, and that you should know:

* Open rate: As the name suggests, the open rate shows you how many of the emails sent have been opened. If the open rate is very low, we can draw certain conclusions, such as that our subject line is not well written, or our sender name does not generate trust. Correcting these aspects, we can see how it affects the opening rate of the following shipments.

* Click rate (CTR or Click Through Rate): This is data that indicates the level of interest that our message arouses, since it reflects who, in addition to opening it, have clicked on any of the links it contains. This data will help us to know if our message is persuasive, if it contains effective calls to action (Call to Action), and what content our users are most interested in.

* Conversion Rate: Through the conversion rate, we will analyse the number of emails that have triggered a conversion, be it a sale in our online store, registration for an event, request for more information, or whatever we determine as objective.

* Unsubscribe Rate: Reflects the number of users who request to unsubscribe after receiving the email. A key indicator of the interest and quality of content, which can mark the need to refine our message or better segment our subscriber lists.

* Bounce Rate: These are “bounced” messages, that is, they have not reached their destination. This may be because the address no longer exists, is incorrect, or the recipient does not have enough space in their mailbox. It indicates the need to purify our database and to correct and update, eliminating those addresses that are not operational.

How can I access this data?

If you have not yet launched into email marketing campaigns, we encourage you to start as soon as possible to take advantage of all the advantages that email marketing can bring to your business.

In addition to being a very economical communication tool, as you can see, it provides us with valuable information that we can make profitable and that will help us in making decisions.

Even if you have little computer knowledge, it will be very easy for you to access this data. Programs to manage email marketing campaigns in a simple way, such as Mailer Lite, monitor and allow you to view this information without having to do anything, so that you can focus on what is important: its interpretation.

Do you evaluate the email marketing shipments that you usually do? Do you think they are being effective enough? Which of these metrics do you think is the most important?

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