Optimize your email marketing campaigns

optimize your Email Marketing Campaigns

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How to optimize your email marketing campaigns

There is always room for improvement with any marketing method. So to find out how businesses, especially small and midsized ones, can increase the effectiveness of their email campaigns we explain further down a few important things to be considered when creating your email campaigns.

Email marketing

Daily experience and industry reporting data tell us that open rates for emails we send are typically around 30%, although this tends to vary counting on the sending company, industry, etc.

As we know, there are many factors that influence whether an email or newsletter we send is opened or ignored, and without a doubt one among the foremost important is that the subject.

Especially associated with the topic , we’ve found some interesting data by reviewing the report “Science of Email Marketing 2014”, prepared by Hubspot.

We share a number of the foremost remarkable conclusions that have caught our attention to assist you optimize your email marketing campaigns.

Messages with no subject are opened more than the rest

It is always said that an honest subject must be simple, not too long, avoiding the utilization of capital letters and certain terms to avoid being classified as spam, etc.

But what happens if we send our messages without subject?

According to this study, the result’s that emails without a topic are simpler than messages with a topic . The reason? we will intuit several:

– These messages without a topic stand out and are better seen within the Maremágnum of emails

– The fact that the subject does not give clues about the content of the message arouses more the receiver’s curiosity

– It makes the recipient think that the person sending the message isn’t a robot, but an individual (more likely to forget to incorporate the topic than an automatic system)

Magic words and forbidden words

Other interesting points from this report are:

– The utilization of the word “Thank you” within the subject generates higher open rates for e-mails.

– Once we include the word “Download” or “To Download”, the receiver interprets that the message goes to suply valuable content and therefore the opening rate increases considerably.

– However, Unicode symbols like “u” do have a positive effect on the open rate of messages.

– Another of the info within the report states that, contrary to what we usually believe, messages sent on Saturdays and Sundays have a better open rate, thanks to the receiver’s more free time and therefore the incontrovertible fact that on those days it’s when the smallest amount emails are received.

– However, let’s not lose sight of the visual component, since consistent with the study data, 2/3 of the recipients prefer e-mails during which the image prevails over the text.

– In line with this, we observe that only 15% of users read the full messages, while, for instance, 30% do not exceed half the message.

Email marketing and mobile

Finally, we might wish to highlight the importance that mobile devices have acquired when it involves reading email. This data reflects the unstoppable got to use responsive designs altogether our communications and landing pages.

Despite the constant changes within the environment, we will affirm that email marketing remains considerably alive and conserving its effectiveness. In fact, there are many companies that use it tomarket sales and relationships with their customers, and for this reason we must refine our strategy better and better, so as to be ready to compete in conditions within the inbox of our potential customers.

Are you optimizing your email marketing strategy? How does one think you’ll improve your results?

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